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Grues Treuil has been in the market since 2010, in these years we are achieving a good leading position in the global material handling equipment market.

The different make-to-order solutions and the quality of the products such as manual chain hoists, winches, electric chain hoists, transfer carts, spreader beams, jib cranes, electric wire rope hoists, EOT bridge cranes, Gantry cranes, and light-duty workstation cranes, suits their applications in all types of industries.


Having produced hoists for the last 13 years, the GRUE TREUIL brand emerging as one of the preferred suppliers in the world. We are in hoists and components production as almost all parts and spares are produced in-house & planning to have an assembly plant in India shortly.

Designed in France, We operate the biggest integrated Chain & Wire Rope hoist manufacturing facility in Europe by a number of hoists produced. We follow modern technology and machines that guarantee high quality of produced parts and components as per EU regulations.

In-house design and integrated production allow for swift customer demand. Inspired by its corporate values, we constantly improve production efficiency and find solutions to achieve competitive cost therefore competitive pricing.

All our products carry the CE mark for compliance with the health and safety requirements of the European Union – the Machinery Directive, European directives, and regulations.

We provide reliable hoisting and other crane components for most industries. Our in-house design capabilities, internally regulated technology and production, and customer-orientated management allow us to offer the best options for products to meet market demands and individual needs.

We are constantly updated with the latest market products, solutions, and technologies, enabling us to provide solutions to suit all varieties of industrial lifting and handling systems. We are experts in applying the correct engineered equipment for your company’s specific application.

Through analyzing customers’ requests, we are trying to do our best to provide the best result.
It has the expertise to address customers’ lifting needs by providing solutions adapted to their particular situations.

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Grues Treuil Product Range

Electric Chain Hoist – Suspended Type

Allows the reaching of the installation point with the hook and the related chain, without having to lift the entire weight of the hoist.
It is particularly suited to the entertainment industry and when frequent installation and dismantling at greater heights are requested.
Capacities from 125 up to 5000 kgs.
FEM (ISO) : 2M (M5)
Lifting speed : mt/min. 4 or 8
Chain box in cloth
Other characteristics as per GTC in fixed execution

Electric Chain Hoist with Hand-push trolley

Horizontal movement by push/pulling the load
Recommended for light duty and short load travel only
The push trolley is adjustable for variable flange widths, fitted with steel machined wheels, permanently self-lubricated bearings, fitted with anti tilt derailment bars and equiped with shock absorbing buffers.
Capacities from 125 up to 5000 kgs.
FEM (ISO) : 2M(M5)
Working at one or two lifting speeds
Other characteristics as per DMK in fixed execution

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Normal headroom or articulated monorail trolley – MX Series

Hoist with the suspended type mechanism worldwide followed by many Crane suppliers.
Hoist capacity is from 1.000kg to 20.000 Kg,
The hoist is suspended and assembled to the trolley that runs on the lower flange of the beam
The trolley is also available as articulated version to run on curves
Application in single girder cranes where below-the-hook space is not important factor.
Normal headroom design enables the hoist to operate directly under and parallel with the crane or runway beam.
The trolley is composed of an idler wheel assembly and a drive wheel assembly, both have two wheels made of machined pressed steel with spherical bearings.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists New GT Series with Single & Double Girder type

Allows the reaching of the maximum hook approach and low headroom application.
Capacities from 2000kg up to 15000 kgs.
FEM (ISO) : 2M (M5)
Falls 2/1 to 4/1 depending on application
Trolley Speed : mt/min 5 to 20
Lifting speed : mt/min. 1 to 4
Other characteristics as per MX in fixed execution

Electric Wire Rope Hoist in configuration with double girder trolley DMX series

Maximum capacity 20.000 Kg for hoists 2 or 4 rope falls with double girder trolley span 1000 mm or 1200 mm
Maximum capacity 60.000 Kg for hoists with double girder trolley span 1400 mm or 2240 mm or 2800 mm
Electric double girder trolleys travel on top of rails fitted on the crane beams, this allows the maximum hook path.
One or two hoists on one trolley.
Parallel or perpendicular alignment to the main girder related the building design and application.
Option for tandem work of two hoists or two trolleys. Suitable for transportation of long materials.
The wheels, pressed from carbon steel, rotate on permanently lubricated bearings.
The trolley has an ant derailment device.
The trolley motor is conical self-braking type, progressive start up and can be supplied :
1 travel speed of 8 m/min or 10 m/min or16 m/min or 20 m/min
2 travel speed of 16/4 m/min or 20/5 m/min

Standard components included in our crane kit:

Monorail or double rail hoist unit
End carriages (end-trucks) with connection plates and bolts
Travel drives – motor-reducers
Crane electrical control panel
Push button control pendant
Festoon system and cable set

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